Fall Harvest Feast

Happy Fall! It’s been too long since our last blog post, after our trip to the apple orchard. Between celebrating our 20th birthday with a family friend in town to spending this long weekend with two of our aunts, we have had many food outings to share in the past two weeks. The most unforgettable experience, however, happened last night in a small suburb of Boston. 

After driving through narrow, winding roads dotted with quaint farmhouses and lined with crimson and golden yellow leaves, our aunts and the two of us were greeted by a pen of sheep as we pulled into the parking lot of our destination. We walked down a wooded path to approach the Visitor’s Center at Drumlin Farm, where we checked in for our “sold out” Fall Harvest Feast. 

Picturesque Drumlin Farm 
The evening began with a spread of appetizers featuring fresh produce from the farm. We sampled a delicious beet hummus with carrots and freshly pickled wax beans and romanesco (an edible flower from the cauliflower family), as well as homemade elderberry soda and mulled apple cider. Then, we were off on a tour of Drumlin, a working farm and wildlife sanctuary with over 200 acres of land. We were able to see where the farm’s CSA vegetables are washed and distributed, sample cherry tomatoes fresh from the vine, and walk around the fields filled with kale, sweet potatoes, fresh herbs and a variety of other crops. 

Farm fresh carrots and beet hummus hit the spot!

After enjoying our tour, we headed back to the Visitor’s Center where we were seated for a family-style dinner. The meal began with a kale apple salad and warm bowls of butternut squash soup, which had an incredibly creamy texture and savory flavor. As we finished our appetizers, several pizzas were brought out of the oven. Our favorite was the fall veggie pizzakabocha squash (similar to butternut squash but a bit sweeter), cranberries, caramelized red onions, sage and ricotta cheese! All of our favorite fall flavors combined into a delicious slice! It was so cool to be eating a meal featuring completely farm-fresh ingredients that were harvested just the day before.

As if our dinner was not enough, the meal was followed by some spectacular desserts showcasing even more of fall’s great flavors. We both loved the rich chocolaty flavor of the homemade chocolate beet ice cream, and devoured our cups of homemade maple ice cream and cinnamon apple cake. By the end of dessert, we were very full, but were not miserably stuffed. There is just something different and more satisfying about eating fresh food! 

Beautiful Dessert Spread! 
Chalkboard displays were a perfect touch! 
Homemade Maple Ice Cream with Homemade "Mandel Bread" (a biscotti-like cookie) 
Last night was an incredible experience and such a great memory. Everything about the evening was picture perfect, from the gorgeous weather to the delicious fall flavors to the cozy, communal setting. The meal was about as “farm to table” as it gets, and gave us such an appreciation for all the work and love that goes into producing all of our favorite fall crops. We hope this is the first of many “Fall Harvest Feasts” that we will attend, and hope sometime you all get to experience an evening just as magical. 

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